Karmøy Island

During the war Sverre K Anderson was trained as a radio operator in Dumfries before returning to Karmøy covertly. While working as a farm labourer he sent secret radio transmissions which provided the Allies with valuable intelligence about German activities in the region. In 1974 Sverre presented a bronze model of a Viking longship to Dumfries on behalf of the people of Karmøy “in memory of wartime kindness…”[1] The model can now be seen at Dumfries Museum.

[1] Future Museum website, Bronze model of Viking Ship page [accessed 3.3.2017] <http://www.futuremuseum.co.uk/collections/people/lives-in-key-periods/war-decline/the-second-world-war/bronze-model-of-a-viking-ship,-presented-to-the-town-of-dumfries-by-the-people-of-the-island-of-karmoy,-norway.aspx>

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